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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to Work

Although his last fight was back in December of ‘09 it almost feels like Kelly Pavlik hasn’t stepped into the ring in years. Maybe it’s because his last big time opponent was Bernard Hopkins at the end of 2008. And if you just woke up from a long induced comma for almost two years then you should know that the “Executioner” completely dismantled an otherwise untouched and unmolested Pavlik before this fight was nationally broadcasted. You have to understand that Pavlik had racked up 10 KOs in 11 prior fights and was a perfect 34-0-0 before entering the ring in Atlantic City with Hopkins. He was on top of the world in his profession. His highlights as the up-and-coming star in the ring included a convincing TKO win over hard hitting Edison Miranda which looked to be a slugfest from the beginning followed by back-to-back victories over Jermain Taylor (ok, so Jermain was already beginning to tumble but that’s not the point).

But just as Pavlik’s stardom began to take flight it abruptly crashed and burned. It wasn’t the loss to Hopkins, as all great fighters must experience the ‘L’ on their records eventually, but a hand injury which ultimately cancelled a much anticipated meeting against the most avoided fighter in boxing today, Paul Williams. That unfortunate injury coupled with negative press attention about his personal life and his fellow ruff neck Youngstown, Ohio fan base jumping off the bandwagon seemed to have derailed Pavlik’s image as one of boxing’s shinning stars.

Personally, I have always rooted for the blue collar fighter that Pavlik is and the city of Youngstown he represent. It just makes me feel American all over. He’s a brawler and he can take a punch with the best of them. Has he been exposed? Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean we've seen the last, or even the best, from "The Ghost".

Stay tuned for a fight preview including insight into this Saturday’s match against No. 4 middleweight ranked Sergio Martinez. Until then…

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